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Parks of Study and Reflection

The Parks of Study and Reflection are places located on five continents, dedicated to studying and reflecting about the Human Being and the evolutionary possibilities toward a nonviolent world without discrimination of any kind. The study and reflection accompanies the social activities of those who materialized these Parks: the representatives of the New Universalistic Humanism, the messengers of Silo’s Message.

The 2. International Symposium will be held in Europe, at Attigliano Park (Rome) in Italy and Mikebuda (Budapest) in Hungary; in Southamerica, in Argentina at Punta de Vacas Park (Mendoza), La Reja Park (Buenos Aires), Patagonia Norte Park (Neuquén), Chaco Park (Chaco), Carcarañá Park (Santa Fé); in Chile at Los Manantiales Park, in Ecuador at Aloasi Park; as well as in Africa in Mozambique at Marracuene Park.



África Marracuene Mozambique Maputo
América Punta de Vacas Argentina Punta de Vacas
La Reja Argentina Buenos Aires
Carcaraña Argentina Rosario
Patagonia Norte Argentina Neuquen, Centenario
Manantiales Chile Santiago
Aloasi Ecuador Quito
Europa Attigliano Italia Terni

Mikebuda Hungría Budapest


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