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The 3 Days at La Reja

Programme La Reja Park (Argentina)

Friday 29

06:00 hs - Welcome and Opening

06:30 hs - Presentation of the Symposium
Video conference by WCHS: The vision of the Human Being


Saturday 30

03:00 hs - Panel 1. Knowledge and its apllication
Panelists: Hebe Roig, Jorge Pompei, Cristina Guntsche, Sandra Pampurro

06:00 hs - Panel 2. Social organization and the environment
Panelists: Lia Mendez, Luis Ammann, Mario Angelini, Nestor Tato

Sunday 31

03:00 hs - Panel 3. Culture and Spirituality
Panelists: Victor Piccinnini, Fernando Garcia, Juan Jose Pesio, Annalisa Pensiero

06:00 hs. Tribute to Silo. Daniel Zimmerman

06:30 Close and farewell

Apart from the central activities there will also be projections, workshops and opportunities for exchange.