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Conference. Vision of the Human Being

First block:  Knowledge and its application.

Panel 1. Knowledge. Ethics and Aesthetics
Francisco Ruiz-Tagle (Chile)
Bruno Pezzuto (Chile - CHS Instituto Tókarev)

Panel 2. Science and technology
Hugo Muñoz Baronti (Chile)
Emilio Castro Silva (Chile - CHS Alétheia)

Second block:  Social organization and the environment.

Panel 3. Right & Law, Politics and Economics.
Patricio Reyes (Chile - CHS ANoVio)
Laura Córdova Ahumada (Chile - CHS Laura Rodríguez)
Juan Enrique Prieto (Chile - CHS Alétheia)

Panel 4. Education and health.
Rebeca Bize (Chile)
Juan Luis Ayala (Peru)
Dr. Hernán Palma (Chile)

Panel 5. Environment.
Patricio Villegas (Chile - CHS Alétheia)

Third block: The influence of historical and social intangibles in the formation of a society

Panel 6. Culture.
Marcos Pampillón (Chile)
Javier Zorrilla (Peru - CHS Nueva Civilización)

Panel 7. Spirituality.
Dra. (c) María Teresa Pozzoli (Chile)
Patricia May U. (Chile)
Carlos Ahumada (Chile - CHS Alétheia)