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Sponsorships and sponsors

Attigliano headquarters

We would like to thank the Italian region of Umbria and CESVOL, the Terni volunteer organisation for their financial support and sponsorship.  We would also like to extend our thanks to “Ecoradio”, who have helped out with various initiatives for social improvement for many years.

We thank GUNA S.P.A. for their sponsorship and the dissemination of symposium activities


The 2nd International Symposium of the World Centre of Humanist Studies was organised by volunteers who will receive no pay for this work.

We thank the local sponsors from Attigliano: TODIS, hotel Umbria, restaurants Le Fossate and Il Roscio, the New Sensation butchers, café Marco and the studio in Giove Tecnocasa Studio Giove 2001.

We would finally like to thank a few professionals who generously offered their services, and notably numerous translators:  Victoria Benitez Boiardi, Tara Matthew, Laura Clarke, Heather Armitage, Simon Bruni, James Bell, Jeann Redulla, Randy Renegar, Natalia Chermyaninova, Yve Cristine, Marcelle Farah, Andréa Gomes Rodrigues, Gabriela Valera, Monica Brocco, Pablo Legari, Valerio Colombo, Natalia Hidalgo.

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